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Evidence and research details that there might be more than 10,000 grape varietals globally suitable for the production of wine, the large majority of which are grown on 500 or fewer hectares, respectively.

That said, perhaps fewer than 500 of these varietals are grown on 500 or more hectares,respectively.

Autoctovino®'s primary objective is to consolidate information pertaiming to the more obscure indigenous varietals in one platform, providing pertinent data and historical information and help establish a global market for them. 

Recognizing that the platform is, and will remain, a work in progress as, to offer but a few examples:

  • Varietals are being uprooted or planted
  • Export markets are opening while others are closing
  • Wineries/importers are opening or closing 
  • DNA research confirms that what were thought to be different varietals are actually identical, i.e: synonyms

We aim, with the assistance of the community at large, to automate the platform and make it a comprehensive source for all wine enthusiasts.

Whether you are a winery or an importer looking to broaden your obscure indigenous varietal wine market, Autoctovino®’s database can facilitate your search.

Any winery or importer wishing to appear on this website is asked to provide the required information sought on the contact page (This option will be operational soon).

We are open to any information or feedback that will benefit the community and/or make either your or our objectives more manageable.