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You grow and bottle obscure indigenous grape varietals. There is, potentially, a global market for your obscure grape varietal wines. Autoctovino, in an effort to support your passion, can offer you the contact details of distributors, globally, for a very reasonable fee in the near future, that already have an expressed interest in selling obscure varietal wines.



Obscure indigenous varietal wines are, very often, the products that may very well set your portfolio apart from the competition. As you have demonstrated a willingness to include some in your portfolio, Autoctovino’s objective is to support your efforts by providing you not only with a resource offering over 3000 additional obscure varietals but also to present you with the names and contact details of 3000 + producers that grow and bottle them, globally.

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Restaurants, Sommeliers & Wine Enthusiasts

Are you looking for an obscure varietal wine, be it to satisfy your curiosity or to offer to your clients? Autoctovino’s platform aims to be your go to informative source listing not only the different varietals grown globally but also, whenever possible, which producers grow them and which distributors sell them in your respective markets. If the varietal is not in your market, there’s nothing preventing you from requesting it from a distributor.