About Us

Autoctovino®'s objective, with this platform, is to globally promote:

• Obscure indigenous grape varietals seldom found outside of their country of origin
• Wineries that grow and bottle wines using obscure indigenous varietals, primarily as mono-varietals.
• Importers that market these wineries’ products in their respective markets.

 Seeking a niche sector for the Ontario (Canada) market, Autoctovino®'s roots began in Verona, Italy in 2009 while attending one of the world’s largest wine fairs – Vinitaly, where we were introduced to a large assortment of rare indigenous wines virtually unknown outside of their country of origin.

After years of research and sampling we, quite frankly, have been and still are astonished as to how many truly enjoyable obscure varietal wines exist that seldom if ever see the light of day outside of their respective countries.

Production, in these times of standardization of food products, is so limited in many instances that these wines are seldom exported. Now that we've created these monocultures that only grow a few varieties of each crop (product), if something happens to just one of these varieties, it can have a dramatic impact upon our food supply. What sets these fine indigenous wines apart is that the grapes are often grown exclusively in very select locations (at times only one winery). All too often the vines on which the grapes grow were, until recently, all but threatened with extinction, lost, forgotten, overwhelmed by undergrowth, or overlooked by human neglect; only to be recovered by research or happenstance.

Autoctovino® seeks to support the efforts of wineries and importers alike who recognize that we shouldn't be confined to a fraction of the varietal options that account for about 90% of all wine presently sold globally. .

There is growing evidence that obscure varietals are being sought by more wine enthusiasts, keen to find and experience them. 

Autoctovino® is an online platform intending, in due time, to facilitate the introduction between winemakers and distributors, sommeliers or enthusiasts who have a shared interest in rare indigenous varietals. Presently the grapes (varietals) section is available for viewing. As the database is continually evolving, we invite you to please join the community, be it as a contributor, social media facilitator or whatever role you deem suitable and share in the passion.